Spa Evo’s 10 Tips


for your Wedding Spray Tan

 I know you want to look golden and glowing for your Special Day. Here is what you need to know to get the best results and the most beautiful, authentic looking Spray Tan for your wedding day.

1. Schedule a consultation prior to the wedding. It is important for your spray tan technician to see your skin tone, know the color of your dress, and the time of year to get the perfect color for you! You should also schedule your wedding tan at this time. Your tan should be scheduled two to four days prior to your wedding day.

Special Tip: Schedule a Spray Tan party for your Bridal Party so everyone looks their best!

Color is customized for individual skin tone, so everyone will have the perfect Glow!

2. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week the month before your wedding day. Regular exfoliation is essential to get a smooth, even, long-lasting tan. Use a non-oil exfoliant on dry skin in a circular motion,  and then rinse off in the shower. Do not exfoliate the day of your tan.

Special Tip: Schedule a Spa Evo Body Scrub or Body Wrap before your Spray Tan for sensational results!  Click  HERE for more information about our Spa Evo Body Treatments.

3. Moisturize religiously twice daily the month before your wedding day. This is essential. Regular moisturizing will create a healthy, glowing surface for your tan, so moisturize  day and night.

4. Schedule facials, manicures or pedicures one day prior to your spray tan. Waxing should be scheduled two days prior to your spray tan. Shave the day prior to your tan with a new razor and shaving cream or hair conditioner. If you must shave after the tan, use a brand new razor.

5. Shower the day of your tan, and apply no products of any kind to your skin! No deodorants, lotions, perfumes of any kind as this can cause uneven tanning.

6. Bring or wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to wear after tanning. NO JEANS, straps, tight fitting clothing, or closed shoes as this can potentially make lines in your tan.

7. No sweating or exercise for 8 hours after your tan. We don’t recommend hot tubs or chlorine pools for 48 hours if at all possible. Use a tan extender after swimming or hot tubs for long-lasting tan.

8. Moisturise twice daily after your tan to keep your skin healthy and maintain your tan. The tan adheres to the top layer of the skin, so regular moisture will help maintain that top layer.  Dry skin will cause your tan to be blotchy, so pay special attention to drier areas. 

9. Use a tan extender to extend the length of your tan. Applying a tan extender every few days, or after time spent in the water, will extend the life of your tan. Hands and feet tend to fade first, so you may need to apply here daily. Spa Evo has great tan extenders for you to choose from!

10.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen liberally on your honeymoon! Your Spa Evo Signature Spray Tan will not keep you protected from the sun’s rays, and you can still get a sunburn and skin damage from sun exposure! We recommend applying a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen every 90 minutes, more after water exposure.