Spray Tan Services and Prices

~Durango's Only Gold-Certified Spray Tanner~

~Hand-Applied, Color-Customized~

~Serving Durango for 5 years~


Spa Evo Signature Spray Tan $47

Full  Body Tan  includes Pre and Post Conditioning Spray, Luxury Finish

Spa Evo Rapid Shower Tan $52-Tan in just 15 minutes. Shower in just 1-5 hours! Perfect for girls on the go who don't have time to wait 8 hours to shower. Full color development in 8-12 hours. Includes Pre and Post conditioning Spray and Luxury Finish

Spa Evo Express Spray Tan $38-Full Body  Color ONLY.  Just 15 Minutes to get you  Gorgeous! (*Not recommended for Mature skin, sun-damaged or very dry skin, or those who have had or have melanoma or other skin conditions)

Winter Tan $35-This Upper Body Tan with Pre & Post Conditioner includes the face, décolleté, shoulders, and arms. Gives you a fresh, natural looking winter glow.

Deluxe Leg Tan $30- Legs Only Includes Pre and Post Conditioners.

Facial Glow $10- Includes  Customized Color, Post Conditioner 

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