Prepare For & Maintain Your Spa Evo  SprayTan

with these Expert Tips!

The week before: Moisturize your skin twice daily with a cream formulation moisturizer. (I recommend Aveeno or Shea Moisture) Exfoliate at least TWICE the week prior to your appointment. For best results, apply exfoliant to dry skin, leave on skin for two minutes, then shower using a washcloth or scrub sponge to remove product

Shave at least twice before your appointment

Schedule any waxing, manicures or pedicures at least 48 hours prior to appointment

 The day before Your Tan:

Exfoliate your entire body with a non-oil exfoliant using Instructions found above.

Shave with a new razor and hair conditioner (avoid shaving products containing alcohol)

Rub skin briskly  with a washcloth or scrub during shower, and towel off briskly after shower.

Moisturize with a cream formulation moisturizer.

 The Day Of Your  Tan:*Do not exfoliate  or shave the day of your tan!

Come to your appointment with clean skin, no lotions, deodorants, perfumes, makeup

Wear or bring dark, loose-fitting clothing. (Think big T-shirt & sweatpants!)

Avoid clothing with straps, jeans or zip front pants, socks & pantyhose, or closed toe shoes** 

**(If winter, loose fitting snow boots are fine!)

**Spa Evo cannot guarantee results if proper clothing is not worn after your session

 For the next 8 hours after your Tan :

DO NOT apply any products to your skin. (Mineral formulations, lipstick/gloss, & mascara are fine!)

DO Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing until your first shower to avoid lines or rub-off

DO NOT wear Jeans/Zip front pants, Tight Clothing, Bras or Panties, Socks or Pantyhose, Closed Shoes

DO NOT engage in activities that promote sweating, or go in Hot Tub or Swimming Pools

DO NOT shower for eight hours (5 hours with Accelerator)*

*1st Shower is a Warm Water Rinse Only. Run your hands down your body til water runs clear.

*When toweling off, do not rub, use the towel to pat dry.

 For the next 48 Hours after Your Tan:

Avoid vigorous scrubbing or rubbing in shower or when toweling dry (just pat dry)

Moisturize Twice Daily with a cream formulation moisturizer

If swimming or hot-tubbing, rinse with fresh water after exposure

If you must shave in the first 48 hours, use a brand new razor and hair conditioner to shave with to lessen color loss.

If you are getting a manicure or pedicure, tell them to omit the exfoliation, and be careful with the nail polish remover on your fingers and toes.

After 48 hours, moisturize twice daily and enjoy your tan!

Follow the directions below for an exceptionally long lasting results!

Use a tan extender  and  extend the life of your tan up to two full weeks!

Avoid the following products as they will prematurely lighten your tan or make it blotchy:

Dove and Curel Lotions and Body Washes 

Bar  Soaps, exfoliators, Loofahs or scrub mitts.

Products containing Alcohol or Witch Hazel (Read labels, you will be surprised!)
Products containing-AHA’s  & BHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), (Beta Hydroxy Acids-Salicylic Acid) Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Citric, and Tartaric Acids
Retin-A  or Anti-Acne  products (if you have tanned your face)

 Spray  perfumes on clothing or hair, avoid spraying directly on skin as this will blotch the tan

Waxing (leg or Bikini) will strip the tan right off the skin, avoid in the first week!

 When your tan starts to fade, exfoliate, shave, and call us to schedule another appt!

Stay tan all year round with a Spa Evo Spray Tan Package!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!*

*Please call within 24 hours if you are not happy with your tan