At Spa Evo,  you won't get just another 'spa massage'. 

  I  have  advanced training and experience. and can  draw on a variety of modalities to suit your unique needs.  

 I respect and encourage silence during your session if that is your choice, and pay special attention to the small details that make your massage session not just good but exceptional.


 My Mission is to Exceed Your Expectations Every Time!




Skillful bodywork is a powerful healing tool!

*Alleviates and eliminates neck, shoulder, and back pain

*Improves range of motion and joint flexibility

*Improves circulation by  pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.

*Releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

*Helps athlete prepare for competition and recover from strenuous workouts.

*Reduces and eliminates  muscle spasms and cramping.

*Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow

*Reduces and manages the effects of stress

 Master Therapist Jennifer Prosser

Winner, Best Massage Therapist 2017, 2014, 2013

(only years award was presented)

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After consultation, I will customize your session 

based on your needs, utilizing several modalities 

during your session.  Below is a listing of modalities

 I offer, and how they may benefit you!

   Spa Evo Signature Stone Massage-Different from what you have come to expect when you hear 'Hot Stone Massage', the Signature Stone Massage is NOT just a couple of stones placed on the body!   52 heated Basalt stones are used throughout the entire massage, and are placed on, under, and around the body during the massage. Chilled stones are also used to treat specific areas of spasm and injury. The massage modalities utilized with the stones are based on your needs.  The stones speed the body’s ability to relax, and soften tense muscles with ease, allowing deep tissue massage with less pain.  Great for post workout and my professional athletes love them! Clients report a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation during and after a therapeutic stone massage. 


   Deep Tissue Massage-I believe that you can achieve exceptional results without causing severe pain and bruising. I  find that ‘sweet spot’ of pressure where the  body’s healing mechanisms are triggered, without incurring further trauma. This is highly individualized for each person, and I will always use  the perfect amount of pressure for you! Deep Tissue Massage is often combined with other modalities such as trigger point therapy and Swedish massage for maximum effectiveness


   Sports Massage-There is an art and a science to Effective Sports Massage Therapy and I have the training and years of experience required to meet  the needs of the recreational or professional athlete.   Regular  massage  will help your body recover quickly from intense training and competition and can prevent  and manage injuries throughout  your competitive season. The right massage at the right time can help you train harder, recover faster, and perform to the best of your abilities.


      Injury Massage-Working with injuries requires  advanced knowledge and a deep understanding of the underlying causes of injury as well as how to develop a treatment plan and home care program that will resolve long-standing injuries and pain.  A variety of modalities will be utilized during your sessions to achieve the best results. I will work with you and refer you to the appropriate Health Care Partners to facilitate your rapid return to optimal health.  I recommend you commit to 3 to 4 weekly sessions to resolve long-standing injuries and chronic pain. 


   Pro Athlete Massage- I have a special commitment to and understanding of the Professional Athlete. Professional Athletes rely on Massage Therapy to recover from hard training sessions and the grueling demands of professional competition.  I will partner with you throughout your training and competitive seasons, making sure you are injury free, and prepared for the most demanding competitive efforts. I offer professional discounts to  professional athletes who choose me as part of their health care team!


   Relaxation Massage-Never underestimate the power of massage to relieve stress and give you a much needed respite from our fast-paced world. Scientific research has shown that perpetual stress has profound and debilitating effects on your overall health and well-being.  Taking the time to turn it all off is a much needed break that is deeply therapeutic and relaxing. A variety of techniques may be used during your massage, and the pressure will be customized for you! Great for stress reduction, or if you just want to drift away for an hour…