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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spa Evo Signature  Stone  Massage-Different from what you have come to expect when you hear   'Hot Stone Massage',   my Signature Stone Massage is NOT just a couple of stones placed on the body!   52 Basalt stones are used throughout the entire massage, and are placed on, under, and around the body during the massage. Chilled stones may also used to treat specific areas of pain or  spasm. The massage modalities utilized with the stones are based on your needs. and may include Deep Tissue, Sports, or Neuromuscular Therapy.   The stones speed the body’s ability to relax, and soften tense muscles with ease, allowing deep tissue massage with less pain.  Great for post workout and our professional athletes love them! Clients report a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation during and after a therapeutic stone massage.  

  • ~~60 Minutes $95~90 Minutes $120~
  • ~shorter sessions available call or text for info~
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  • Spa Evo Prenatal Goddess  Massage-Expectant mothers need special care and pampering. I love treating Mothers-to-be like goddesses! Their massage will be tailored to their trimester, and will be designed to support the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Includes hot stones and a warm towel headwrap. 
  • ~~75 Minutes $100~~
  • Shorter Sessions available call or text for info
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 ~Discounts offered at Spa Evo~

Veterans & Retirees 70 or older 

Professional Athletes

I  have a  special  understanding of the unique needs of   Professional Athletes and offer discounts for those that choose Spa Evo to be  part of their wellness team! 

*Must be competing full time on professional circuit  to qualify for discount

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 Jennifer Prosser, Team Manager/Soigneur Team Specialized 1992 World Championships

 Cleaning up Women's X-Country 1992 World Champion Silvia Furst


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