Spa Evo Body Treatments

~Luxury Pampering with a Purpose~

At Spa Evo, I believe that body treatments are not only luxurious but an essential part of total body wellness. The skin is our largest organ, and our unique Southwest climate takes its’ toll on your skin! Regular exfoliation and hydration helps your skin function optimally and look gorgeous! My luxurious treatment products feature unique exotic ingredients that are chosen for their effectiveness. My  simple yet effective approach to Body Treatments makes them great for both Women and Men!   Spa Evo Body Treatments are carefully designed to nurture Body, Mind, and Spirit and you won’t find anything that compares in the Four Corners! I know when you schedule a Body Treatment you are looking for something special, and I promise you won’t be disappointed at Spa Evo!


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Spa Evo Body Treatments are Unique!~At Spa Evo, I create  and hand make many of the   products. used in my Body Treatments. Spa Evo Body Polish contains one of the finest sands found on earth, comprised of 99% quartz crystal; energetically harmonious, along with ingredients designed to detox, hydrate, and nourish the skin. Spa Evo Exotic Oils and  Body Butters  features exotic ingredients, chosen for their exceptional healing and hydrating properties. I adore exotic scents, and all  my body treatments offer a unique aromatherapy experience that will take you on a journey of the body, mind, and spirit.   I can't wait to pamper you, and  I  guarantee  you will be delighted with the results!


Exotic Oil Hydrating Massage- An exceptional experience for Body, Mind,  and Spirit, this luxurious massage features your choice of  Oil de Monoi from Tahiti or Divinely Scented Macadamia Oil! These exotic oils  have unparalleled skin hydrating and softening qualities and smell divine.  As the oil is massaged into your skin the scent  fills the room and takes you on a vacation of the senses.   Hot stones are placed around, under, and on the body to encourage deeper relaxation. Includes a warm oil Scalp Treatment and Warm Headwrap $95 60 Minutes    $115 90 Minutes    

Exotic Oil Hydrating/ Hot  Stone Deluxe Massage Combo- Exotic Oils combined with  my signature therapeutic stone massage. 52 stones are used during the treatment. Includes a warm oil Scalp Treatment and Warm Headwrap  

The ultimate divine combination!      $105 60 Minutes                $120 90 Minutes

Spa Evo Body Polish- The Full Body Polish with my exclusive formula will leave your skin incredibly soft, glowing, and polished to perfection!  My  Body Polish incorporates special techniques that will  remove rough, dry skin, stimulate lymphatic circulation, gently polish your skin to a silky glow, and  leave you energized and renewed!  I finish with a full body application of my Exotic Body Butter to leave your skin silky smooth and divinely scented.    $85   50 Minutes

Spa Evo Body Polish &Exotic Oil Massage Combo- Combine the Body Polish and Exotic Oil Hydrating Massage for an Experience that will leave you relaxed, silky smooth and smelling sensational!  Exotic Oil Massage Includes a Hot Stone Layout and Scalp Treatment!

 Perfect preparation for Vacation!   $160 110 Minutes 

Exotic Oil Body & Sole Combo- This treatment includes a 60 minute Exotic Oil Massage, a Foot Polish and Hot Stone Foot Massage, an Exotic Oil Scalp Treatment, and Hydrating Hand & Foot Treatment.  Stones are laid under, around, and over the body to enhance relaxation throughout the treatment..             

 One My Most Popular Treatments!    $150 100 Minutes 

Exotic Oil Scalp, Head, Hands, & Feet Combo- I start with a Exotic Oil Scalp Treatment. Then your hands and feet will be massaged with Hot Stones and Exotic Oils and wrapped in hot towels to soften and hydrate rough skin. You will then receive a rejuvenating Hot stone Neck, Scalp, and Facial Massage. Hot stones are placed under and on your body to enhance relaxation. 

 Pure Bliss!    $80  50 minutes

 Foot Polish & Hot Stone Foot Massage Combo--I will polish your feet to perfection with my exclusive rejuvenating Foot Polish, then finish with a Hot Stone Foot Massage. Includes a hot stone layout and warm towel Headwrap. Ideal for athletes, plantar fascitis, post-surgery, older feet, or people who stand all day!               $70   45 Minutes


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